Why Use A Shave Brush?

Wet Shaving and using a shave brush has been making a comeback for the past several years. Although most men still have not discovered this nostalgic morning ritual. Understanding the basics will help you in taking this journey. But be warned, once you make this step, there is so much to explore : Badger types, Shaving Creams, Shaving oils, Double Edge / Straight Razors and much, much more !

  1. Exfoliation - When using a shave brush the bristles gently remove dead skin flakes or anything else that might be on your skin. Makes for a clean smooth shave.
  2. Blade Prep - The motion of the shave brush preps and lifts the hairs. This allows your razor to get the closest shave possible.
  3. Retro - Let’s face it is Manly! When your wife or girlfriend sees this on your shelf, it says something about you: The finer things in life are meant to be enjoyed - you are no dollar club guy, you value your time for the right reasons, and old fashion is sometimes a good thing.

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