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Machined in the USA with Real .38 Caliber Casings. 

Why Our Shave Brushes are the Best

The 6 oz Rule : Revolver Shave Brushes

This is a fun video that explains the 3 main reasons our shave brushes are the best.  We use the 6oz rule when talking about what makes us different.  Not only do our badger brushes have a US patent, they are just really cool to shave with every morning.  Hope you enjoy - Tim


Hi, just wanted to send a message letting you know how happy my husband has been with the brush I bought for him almost two years ago. Even though it’s a bit heavier than some others he had he prefers this one hands down. He says it lathers the soaps amazing and is made very well. He is currently deployed and his brush is with him and used daily! Thank you for making an amazing product!


Just got a chance to finally use the brush after marveling at its craftsmanship for about a week. Initial thoughts were that it was so awesome in looks that I almost didn't want to use it and that it was heavy- like the tank of all shave brushes. Well, I'm really happy to have finally put it to good use- the heft works really well to splay the hairs in making a lather and a ton of it at that, the grooves provide really good grip, the hairs are pretty soft and not one fell out, it blooms out nice and even, and the knot is a good size. 


Amazing design has a good weight and feel. All in all this is a great brush!

Michael L.

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- Dr. Dawg II