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This is a great set and definitely stands out from the rest. I love the handle and brush. The razor handle is longer than most razors and fits well in the hand. The weight on the razor and brush are great.  Six Shooter Shaving  has exceptional customer service.

Joseph J.

Just got a chance to finally use the brush after marveling at its craftsmanship for about a week. Initial thoughts were that it was so awesome in looks that I almost didn't want to use it and that it was heavy- like the tank of all shave brushes. Well, I'm really happy to have finally put it to good use- the heft works really well to splay the hairs in making a lather and a ton of it at that, the grooves provide really good grip, the hairs are pretty soft and not one fell out, it blooms out nice and even, and the knot is a good size. The only "bad" thing I have to say is that, though I imagine you could, I wouldn't use this brush everyday- for the same reason I don't use some of my razors everyday, they are reserved for special or otherwise "save the best for last" situations in my ever-growing collection of tools.


Amazing design has a good weight and feel. All in all this is a great brush!

Michael L.