About Us

What an exciting ride! It seems like yesterday when we started with the idea of designing our first shave brush and opening an online shaving store.  There was so much buzz and interest in our shaving products.  One afternoon we received a call from Shark Tank asking us to submit a product and an audition tape to the show.  Although we never made it to the dance, it was exciting to think of all the possibilities.  We didn’t have great sales at the time, so maybe we would have been eaten by Mr. Wonderful!  There was so much buzz around our shave brushes and shave kits, we even had a call from Playboy and our bushes were featured in one of their magazines overseas – we were now international!  Shortly after starting the business, we submitted and were awarded (2) USA patents for our shave brushes.  Our Tactical Gifts were a great match for the USMC and had the honor of working with them early on to be a certified supplier.  We found other military branches are difficult.  Most want very large “advance payments” we couldn’t afford at the time.  One afternoon we received a request from the New York State Troopers association asking to order some of our Shaving Gift Sets to honor several of their officers.  We took pride in that order – We respect our Law Enforcement!!  West Coast Shaving purchased our shave brushes and promoted us early on.  Another great company.  One of our largest orders was from Battlebox – a subscription site for men.  They purchased several thousand of our USA Made Razors (Tactical M3 Razors).  The owner was awesome.  Highly recommend this company!  We have been very blessed to ship our Revolver Shave Brushes all over the world and we thank each of our customers!  We even have a few celebrities who have our Revolver Shave Brushes. 

Our Inspiration:

It all began when my wife gave me a very nice shaving set with a razor, some shaving soap, and a badger brush for a Father’s Day gift.   Although it was a very nice wet shaving gift, the soap that came with the shaving set didn't lather very well, and the shaving brush didn't feel very good. I used the shave brush & shaving kit once or twice, but it mainly sat on the bathroom counter while using my regular old shaving cream from a can and my traditional razor.  As it goes, one morning I am conducting my normal shaving routine, and for the thousandth time seeing this shaving brush that I stopped using, I notice that the shave brush has the same shape as the cylinder from a .44 revolver.  I start to wonder how that shave brush would feel if it was the cylinder of a revolver.  And hence, the first revolver shave brush was conceived.

Tim Robbins
Founder & Veteran 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to design and manufacture the best Shave Brushes, Shaving Kits, razors, and shaving cream.  If you are looking for Groomsmen Gift Ideas, Best Man Gifts, Gift Ideas for Best Man, or even the best Father of the Bride Gift, you have found it.  Our shave brushes are a unique gift that can only be purchased at Six Shooter Shaving and Made in the USA.  Gambler, Outlaw, Tactical, Freedom, and Preacher is how we name our .38 revolver badger brushes - can it get any cooler?  We know our shave brushes and razors aren't for everyone, just the gun lovers!   

Six Shooter Shaving brings you the best shaving brushes and gifts. We know you will feel the difference the first time you hold one of our products in your hands. Our products are made in the USA.   

Elegant and Strong. Not passive. Not complacent. Our collection of Revolver Shave Brushes is reserved for leaders. Your passion and conviction start early every morning. Your dreams never die and leaders are never subdued or broken. Every Six Shooter Shave Brush is crafted in quality. Your morning shave will never be the same when you reach for your “Six Shooter”.