Offical Partner : Gallentfew Non-Profit

We are excited to partner with a great organization: Gallentfew.  A portion of the proceeds from our Freedom Edition will go toward helping our honored veterans.  Here is more on Gallantfew and some great links to check out. 

GallantFew is a charitable nonprofit veteran service organization (27-1779772) with the mission to facilitate a peaceful, successful transition from military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.  

They do this by creating and supporting a nationwide network of successfully transitioned veterans that engage locally with new veterans with the same military background now going through transition and by motivating communities all over the nation to take responsibility for veterans returning: welcoming, connecting and including.  

GallantFew proudly boasts a Family of Organizations that serves all veterans regardless of age, geographic location or branch of service.  Each member organization represents a focused community based on either military experience or geographical location.  Darby Project for Army Rangers, Raider Project for Marine Corps Raiders, Wings Level for Air Force veterans, WAM Project for female veterans, Medicine Wheel Society for Native American veterans and VetRec focused on Detroit.

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