Custom Shaving Gifts - USMC

We received an online message over the weekend.  “We need to talk to someone urgently”.  We exchanged a few emails and decided to make a quick phone call to see how we could help.  Turns out this grandfather was looking for a special gift for his grandson.  The young man had signed up for the Marine Corp and was leaving for boot camp in a few weeks.  The grandfather continued to explain that the recruits only receive a few basic items, uniforms, and supplies, but no shaving gear.  This conversation took me back to memories when I enlisted and was heading to Army basic training in Fort Jackson South Carolina.  Seems so long ago!  The grandfather asked if we could engrave his grandson’s name on the shave brush and razor.  This is something we regularly do – personalize.  We rushed this to our engraver and shipped in a few days.  As this is being written, the customized shaving gift set is being delivered.  Basic training is a challenging time especially at the age when most of us go.  You do not know anyone, new surroundings, and stressful situations both physically and mentally.  What a great gift to send to a young man as he starts this new journey.  Every morning that he shaves, he will be reminded that his family loves him and is proud of the service he is doing for his country.  We are honored to be a little part of this family’s memories.  Thanks to ALL the families that support and serve the great USA!

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