Shaving Gift Set

When looking for the perfect shaving gift for that special someone or occasion, it can be a dauting task.  We wanted to give some suggestions on what to look for in a shaving gift set.  Shaving has been around since the beginning of time.  The tools to get the job done have changed in some form and fashion, but the result is the same – to look cool for someone.  Most men these days are only using a standard blade razor and shaving cream from a can.  Many disadvantages to this type of shaving, but we will go into that on another post.  Men are starting to spend more time grooming.  We would recommend looking for a simple shave brush and shaving cream.  Just take some time to look at Instagram or Pinterest to see all the different styles.  See what grabs your attention.  In doing this, it will introduce you or your man to the world of wet shaving.  As you progress, you might want to look at DE also called double edge razors or even a straight razor.  We would discourage you going cheap on the shave brush.  The cheaper ones tend to fall apart.  Not a good thing if this is a gift.  Shaving creams, the better ones, have quality ingredients and will be recommended for a shave brush.  At Six Shooter Shaving, our brushes typically rage from $79 – $94.  Best not to overthink the purchase, but always do your homework.  A typical set should include a badger shave brush, razor, display stand and shaving cream to get started.  Prices can range from $49-$250. 

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